Who are We?


I am Terry Hinton   

Owner of Bestjobmarketing and Sales. My professional marketing certifications include Certified Social Leads Consultant and Certified Best Year Master Plan Expert.

I have been in business for over 25 years and successful online for over 10 years in affiliate marketing but we have now become experts in helping business develop effective lead generation strategies. Over time we have recolonized a major shift in marketing strategies for both on and offline companies with the introduction of using multi-media resources. 

Knowing this we put together a team of experts to examine how we could help local businesses with these new strategies. We then began testing several strategies out which included, SEO and Website optimization, Video marketing and Social media marketing.

In 2020 we found ourselves evolving once again to meet the needs of the local market world by becoming experts in Reputation Marketing. With 94% of consumers doing product and service research online, it is pivotal that a business has a 5-star review rating. This is where we shine. We will provide companies the expertise and support to obtain and maintain the 5-star ratings that they deserve.  

I am confident in saying we’re EXPERTS in marketing for local businesses. and can quickly help your business gain customer confidence.

In the mist of the business maze, I maintain my personal sanity by enjoying family time in the outdoors: fishing, golfing, in the skate board parks, minor baseball, and walking. When no one is looking I put my feet up in my big chair with a cup of coffee watching sports and comedy stuff.  

Terry Hinton (Owner)
Bestjobmarketing and Sales
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Phone: 1-204-914-2309

Email address: terry@bestjobmarketing.com

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